Comparison Between Dissertation And Thesis

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Comparison Between Dissertation And Thesis

A graduate student will have many different types of challenging assignments and coursework. Thus, the most significant project they will work on while earning a master's or doctoral degree will be a thesis or dissertation. There are plenty of differences between an idea and a dissertation. That means each dissertation and thesis writing happens at different times in one's educational journey.

Let's classify the dissertation and thesis so you can understand them thoroughly. For the dissertation and theory, there should be a clear understanding of the subject one studies.

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is an academic research written by someone pursuing a Ph.D. doctoral degree. A dissertation is an original work that has not been published elsewhere and makes a new addition to the field. A dissertation can disapprove previous or existing theories into a novel way of thinking. The research performed in a dissertation usually takes over 2 - 5 years and is between 10000 - 15000 words.

A dissertation requires an oral presentation of the work in which the committee asks questions and poses challenges about the outcome. The students must be able to explain the interpretation and methodology of their findings.

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is also academic writing for those graduating from a master's program. A thesis is an academic research paper written and submitted at the end of the master's program. The thesis topic is from the subject you are studying, and students are expected to demonstrate literacy, competence, and mastery of an issue. It usually takes two or three years to complete.

The Main Differences Between Thesis and Dissertation

  • The main difference is the process of research. A dissertation creates original and unique concepts in a field of study, whereas a thesis supports the original research.
  • The primary purpose of writing a dissertation is to contribute new ideas or research to the existing literature in the area with original research. In contrast, a thesis evaluates the subject matter and demonstrates the knowledge and skills within the subject.
  • A dissertation aims to develop and defend a unique concept through practical and theoretical results. At the same time, a thesis demonstrates the learned and existing information.
  • A thesis is about 100 pages long; however, a dissertation is about 2 - 3 times longer than a thesis paper.
  • A dissertation usually requires an oral defense of the project, while a thesis generally does not require oral defense and only submits the thesis paper.

Similarities Between a Thesis and a Dissertation

  • A thesis and a dissertation require intensive research, and completing a lengthy paper requires unique and original writing. In a thesis paper, students get all the knowledge from the literature to look for research insights, and in a dissertation, students provide novel research findings.
  • A thesis and a dissertation is the final project submitted to graduate in the respective field.
  • Academic writing skills are essential for a thesis and a dissertation.
  • The writing should be unique and free from plagiarism.
  • Both papers require analytical skills and critical thinking to support the findings.
  • Both documents require in-depth knowledge and expertise about the topic.
  • After submission of the research paper, you will get feedback from the committee members, peers, or professors to rewrite and edit the document.

Writing, Editing a dissertation and a thesis

Writing a dissertation and a thesis requires a lot of research about the subject and topic. It is a written document that requires academic writing skills, subject knowledge, organization, and scheduling.

There is a guideline to edit the document, from body spacing and pagination to font size and citation formatting, which is very exhaustive. Even worse, policies vary from school to school.

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