How to Write a Dissertation Abstract?

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How to write a dissertation abstract

So you have completed writing your dissertation; the only part left is an abstract or executive summary. You are unsure how to write or structure the abstract in the dissertation process. You are in the right place. We will discuss how to structure and write the dissertation abstract step by step.

What is an Abstract?

An Abstract in a dissertation is a short well-structured summary that outlines the important keypoint in the dissertation or the research paper. An abstract is about 300-500 words on 1 page, or it can vary depending on the university.

Regarding the terminologies of an abstract and an executive summary, both are different in academic writing. An abstract only states what the research is about, not the research findings, while the executive summary covers both. However, in the dissertation, the abstract covers the research summary and the findings of the entire project.

A good dissertation abstract should cover the purpose, the methodology, the critical research findings, and the implications of the research study.

What is the purpose of the abstract?

A dissertation abstract has two main purposes - the first is to inform the readers about your work in the research paper. Write about the research and finding, which will decide the reader's understanding of the entire dissertation.

The second purpose is to write the dissertation abstract with the keywords and phrases so that the search engines and dissertation databases can crawl and index your dissertation. So that dissertation will be accessible to all users.

Why is Writing Abstract Important?

Writing an abstract is essential because most people only have time to read your entire dissertation. When a researcher reviews the literature review, they must read it. So at this moment, abstracts are important as abstract summarize the research and help the researcher decide whether to continue to read entirely. So abstract is a front display that needs to show the readers who have less time to read.

If you think the abstract will not be published even though you should write to provide an impactful abstract to your markers. You are showing the ability to summarise the work; you should invest time and effort to write an attractive abstract.

A good abstract gives an added advantage to graduate students. As a fresh graduate, your dissertation is a noteworthy professional accomplishment highlighting your unique expertise. Employers who want to know about your dissertation expertise will read your abstract rather than the entire dissertation.

If you consider your dissertation is writing a book, then the abstract is a short description on the back cover. Then the reader will judge by the book's cover if it is good or worse. That is why the abstract need to be excellent and enticing to the reader.

How to write the abstract

We have explored the four essential aspects of the dissertation abstract of the research: purpose, methodology, findings, and implications. The dissertation abstract should be focused on the four crucial elements in the same order, step by step.

The Purpose and Value of Research

Briefly explain about the purpose and value of the research. In others words, explain the study and its importance. When writing the purpose of the research, clearly discuss the aims and questions and why it is essential.

Writing this section extremely clearly, concisely, and convincingly is essential. The opening section is where to hook the readers and get them interested in reading the dissertation.

Outline the Methodology

This part of the abstract briefly explains the research design and methodology adopted. Some of the essential things to approach are quality or quantity, sampling, and collecting and analyzing the data that need to address while writing. It is just a summary, and the abstract must handle everything.

Key findings

In the next step, briefly highlight the key findings. The research likely produced valuable data and findings that should be explained briefly and answered the questions set to address. It should be presented clearly and concisely for the reader to read.

Implications of the research

And the last step is to explain briefly the implications highlighting the value of the research. In this part, some of the questions should be addressed:

  • Impact of the research findings on the field in the real world.
  • Impact of the findings to support the existing research.
  • Future research should be done on the topic.

If all four important things, purpose, methodology, key findings, and implications, are included in a dissertation abstract, then the abstract will be headed in the right direction.

And if you are finding it difficult to write an abstract, Write My Dissertation For Me can help you write your dissertation abstract and help you score better grades in your dissertation.

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